Saturday, 25 September 2010

Could it get any better (:

Summer has been and gone , Sadly time is going faster than I expected it to be , And now Chile is only 3 months away :( but Regardless the sad reality I can denied that I had a brilliant Summer and Year 10 its quite amazing!
I never thought I would Love England so much! I'm defitnatly palnning to come back some day who know's?

Anyways , this week has been quite fun (:
The day before yesterday me and a couple of friends were desperate for some Pepe's chicken which is a new shop in Kingston. After waiting for more than 20 minutes under the poiring rain we decided to go back to my friend's house for a little bit (: I had a lovely time (:

Yesterday after a loong day at school Me and my friend Vicky ( Went to Kingston for a little bit and then we both made our way back home , Then after a lazy afternoon me and my older sister Sofía decided to watch A walk To Remember <3, What a Film! I couldnt help tears! defitnatly a must see! (: And today it's a lovely day (: Sun is shinning and the there is a perfect clear blue sky a perfect day ! I better get ready now ! Me and my friend Jenni ( are about to go out and enjoy this beautiful day in the amazing streets of London.

 Well now after real

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  1. i love the photos i got developed yesterday :') and i fucking love a walk to remember!