Friday, 12 November 2010

Yesterday after a very stressing day ! meaning GCSE'S , Chemistry , Physics and Biology I went to see Tokyo Police Club with one of my closest friends Victoria ( .
I was soo surprised because I only found out that I was going 2 hours before the actual Gig ! I ran home got my stuff and rushed to the gig .
The band was beyond amazing although they only played a few songs because it was a very small gig, I was right at the front!  plus not only we were right at the front, we also  got to meet the band!, We got some of our stuff signed and a picture taken with them which I will put on later  :) It was the sickest night I have had in such a long time and after such a shit week this was just what I needed! 

Friday, 8 October 2010

Summer Breeze ...

I was checking my blog and it seemed really plain, so I thought adding some pictures from my summer holidays would make it look well... LESS PLAIN! (: Some of this pictures were taken in july just before the summer holidays Like the ones from the clothes show and sports celebration evening, allthough the sports celebration evening was lovely , Clothes Show Live was defiinetly one of the highlights of my Summer !  And well the others were just Family Holidays (: Hope you enjoy them <3 
Clothes Show Live 2010

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Turban , Friends And A Train

Well today has been a very exciting day (:
I went for the first time in my life to Notting Hill along with 2 of my closest friends and it was rather Lovely (: We went around the vintage market and I managed to find a lovely guitar for only 30 Pounds ! I also managed to find a lovely vintage purse for my friend Olivia who's birthday is next friday! soo looking forward to that!
After a Long journey we go the train back home and God I have never laugh soo much like I did today ! We couldnt help ourselves not even when the starring began ! Obviously the people on the train werent really pleased about it (:
I am sooo tired but the good day paids off <3

Could it get any better (:

Summer has been and gone , Sadly time is going faster than I expected it to be , And now Chile is only 3 months away :( but Regardless the sad reality I can denied that I had a brilliant Summer and Year 10 its quite amazing!
I never thought I would Love England so much! I'm defitnatly palnning to come back some day who know's?

Anyways , this week has been quite fun (:
The day before yesterday me and a couple of friends were desperate for some Pepe's chicken which is a new shop in Kingston. After waiting for more than 20 minutes under the poiring rain we decided to go back to my friend's house for a little bit (: I had a lovely time (:

Yesterday after a loong day at school Me and my friend Vicky ( Went to Kingston for a little bit and then we both made our way back home , Then after a lazy afternoon me and my older sister Sofía decided to watch A walk To Remember <3, What a Film! I couldnt help tears! defitnatly a must see! (: And today it's a lovely day (: Sun is shinning and the there is a perfect clear blue sky a perfect day ! I better get ready now ! Me and my friend Jenni ( are about to go out and enjoy this beautiful day in the amazing streets of London.

 Well now after real