Friday, 8 October 2010

Summer Breeze ...

I was checking my blog and it seemed really plain, so I thought adding some pictures from my summer holidays would make it look well... LESS PLAIN! (: Some of this pictures were taken in july just before the summer holidays Like the ones from the clothes show and sports celebration evening, allthough the sports celebration evening was lovely , Clothes Show Live was defiinetly one of the highlights of my Summer !  And well the others were just Family Holidays (: Hope you enjoy them <3 
Clothes Show Live 2010


  1. I didn't realise you had a blog Fran!
    Well thank you very much for your comment and you look lovely in all these pictures.
    UO x

  2. You look great! you should def keep up the blog:)))

  3. Your very adorable ! Love the grey blazer!

    x victoria

  4. Hello…your blog is really nice!

    Amazing Look...